Earn extra income: write tutorials…

If you’re good at writing, read on…..

Get paid for writing tutorials– for WordPress for example. YES, you get PAID to do this!

We know companies who are searching for authors with good English writing skills and some previous experience: even better if you’ve got previously-submitted articles to show.

The price per tutorial can vary between $50 and $150.

So if you can write good articles – here’s how to earn some extra income!

Another plus is: below any article will be YOUR name. So some of your future clients could find you there…..

Here’s HOW….

A real-life opportunity for you:

Earn money by submit tutorials for WordPress

Earn money by submitting tutorials for WordPress

YOU TOO could earn money by writing these tutorials.


I’m going to give you a link to a company needing writers. Yes, absolutely free, no strings whatsoever.

What do I ask in return?

Simply that you check out the company too, as it’s a great affordable wordpress hosting company for WordPress developers who work for clients.

This can change your life:  save you a lot of wasted time in setup staging WordPress installations or migrations to live servers after development is completed.

Here are some of the benefits of their paid plans:

  1. Save time to build staging WordPress installation
  2. Save time when you migrate to live server
  3. Pay only when website goes live (you don’t pay for development process!)
  4. One dashboard for all your websites and customers
  5. Migrate to live with just one click
  6. Bill your customers directly
  7. Build your team for easy collaboration – no need to share passwords
  8. Migrate WordPress from your old server totally FREE

And the best part of their plans? You only pay when you start using 🙂

So here are your promised FREE LINKS – the perfect solution if you want to earn extra income by writing, as well as a real bonus for WordPress developers:


2. And check out their awesome hosting plans HERE

reachearn from wordpress articles

Cheers for now,


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