Latest Infographic Trends You Must Follow

Latest Infographic Trends You Must Follow

With continuous advancements in technology, the lifestyle of an individual is characterized by a lot of activities; so that even during sedentary moments, people can still stay occupied with the help of their gadgets. This poses a lot of responsibilities on content creators. Infographics play an important role in helping content creators communicate with their target audience in the most concise but interesting manner. Images alongside text have the tendency to quickly captivate a person’s mind while communicating a concept or instructing them appropriately.

While there are new trends in graphic designs in 2018, infographics have special features that must be considered in the creation process. These days, infographics can be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) so that they give life to your website and also optimize your page for search engine results. If you are interested in using infographics to create an SEO friendly website, you can engage an SEO agency to get the most out of this.

As a creative designer or savvy online marketer, keeping an eye on the ever-changing trends of your industry is important to your career. These trends are affected by several factors, some of which include culture, fashion, technology and other industries. For you not to fall behind, here are a number of infographic trends in 2018 you should know;

The Use of GIFs

Infographics have been known for their static features. Recently, there has been a twist to the way infographic content is presented. You may have come in contact with several GIF reactions on the internet while surfing through social media websites or blogs. Infographics are not lagging behind on this.

Inserting GIFs into infographics gives a rounded experience to your readers and encourage them to keep scrolling. It works the same way as static infographics, only that it has some animated element.

Interactive Infographics

For infographics, one of the trends this year has been the addition of interactive components into its design. Apart from the moving features, interactive infographics make use of the same elements from traditional infographics. It requires a lot of time, design and planning.

This is pretty much different from the use of GIFs. This moving graphics respond to activity carried out by the user on a webpage. It can be an image flipping over when someone toggles over it. As opposed to other features of infographics, interactive infographics might require a development process apart from graphic design. Some web development expertise is needed and so, you might have to engage a magento ecommerce agency to help with the development process.

Spectacular Typography

A designer is allowed to experiment with typography as long as the readability of the text is not tampered with. This concept seems to have influenced infographic trends as graphic artists are showing more flexibility with typography. Simple and overused fonts may no longer have as much effect as trying something new and trendy.

There are a large number of typefaces that can be used on the web alone and making a choice can be overwhelming. Some trends in typography include Sans serif, Retro, Cut outs and overlays, big and bold fonts, colourful fonts, highlights and underlining too. While designing, a dash of any of these can give your craft a unique look.

3D Infographics

Each day, companies are in search of more intriguing ways to present information about their products and services. Infographic has been an effective digital marketing tool for communicating with clients and 3D designs have become functional in engaging a prospective consumer to a brand.

Introducing a third dimension to infographics adds a new feeling of depth to the design. This happens to be one of the emerging trends in infographics this year. It makes the content look real and palpable and brings it closer to your audience. To a large extent, 3D infographic increases the tendency to capture the readers’ attention as it communicates more prominently.


In the 90’s, web designers used colour gradients to expand their color scheme and create an amazing experience on their websites. As of last year, some social media companies like Instagram used transitioning colours on their platforms. People found these feature intriguing. This trend has permeated into infographics.

Brightly coloured gradients can be combined with other elements to steal the spotlight. You should be careful and tactical in your approach as it requires proper knowledge of matching colour schemes.

Story Telling

One of the benefits of infographics is its ability to quickly convey complex information in a simple and engaging manner. This keeps readers captivated while they digest the necessary information. While visual data enables retention of information, visual storytelling goes the extra mile to implement this.

This year, infographics are seen to incorporate stories into the content it portrays. For every content in existence, you can utilize infographics for storytelling. This story can be created by answering the how, why, when or where of the situation. It should also follow the flow of a regular story; a beginning, middle and an end. In a fast pace world, this technique helps to transform seemingly complicated ideas into relatable events.

Infographics are here to stay. Like every other aspect of the digital world, this graphic tool is associated with different trends per time. As a graphic artist, creativity is needed to enable you can utilize the above trends to your advantage. With this, you can create excellent infographics that captivate your audience.


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