How to discover organic and paid keywords used by top-performing websites with SEERPSTAT

How to discover organic and paid keywords used by top-performing websites with SEERPSTAT — MicroDesign Web

Finding the best tool for marketing professionals can be very tough most of the time. While there are always new tools that you can use, not all of them manage to provide you with the quality and value that you might want to get in the long run. SEERPSTAT is one of the latest tools designed to bring you a complete set of results in the online marketing world. It encompasses all that a marketer needs, in a web-based interface that’s very easy to use and really accessible.

What does it address?

Believe it or not, SEERPSTAT does address quite a lot of things. First, the main thing it focuses on is the SEO aspect of it all. It allows you to find the best search terms for your area based on what people like. It focuses on organic search queries, which are very important in determining a good ROI. On top of that, it does bring in front a great feature that allows you to compare your site side by side with the competition, all so you can see the differences and act on them. SEERPSTAT does a very good job at automating the competition reports and in doing that it helps save you a ton of time, to begin with.

SEERPSTAT can also help you with PPC. It does a very good job at finding the competitive keywords that work really well and it can also help you find unique keywords for your competition simply by comparing domains. It’s a very good insight into new keywords as well since this tool helps you figure out which are the best, new keywords that you can use for complete efficiency.

With SEERPSTAT you can also improve your content marketing as well. It enables you to figure out the best ideas and topics that would bring traffic to your site. You will also get the ability to analyze the competition in order to see what high ranking features they have and you will be able to work with that as many times as you want. You will also get to discover the type of content that your competition has and which has reached virality.

Of course, the main focus of SEERPSTAT is analyzing the market and trends. The tool does a very good job when it comes to offering you analytics data in a visual manner and it also covers a wide variety of advertising trends, to begin with. They also show you how to find your online competitors which is a very good idea, to begin with, although the information can be a lot to take in at first mainly because there’s so much of it in the first place. Thankfully, SEERPSTAT tries to make it as easy and as accessible as possible.


There’s no denying that a tool like this will work well or fail due to its interface. SEERPSTAT does a very good job at making the interface simple and accessible. You get to choose the site you want to track and the Google performance site you want to monitor at the upper end of the page and in the left side, you have all the tools you might need. From competitors to site structure, advertising research and keyword research, all of them are found there and they are a sheer delight for sure. Using these will provide you with a very good, interesting insight into the type of content you need to use. It’s an interesting option for sure and the value will be very well worth it if you use the information here.

I found the info to load up very fast and when compared to other similar sites, it’s also very accurate. The charts are very good as they help you digest all of that information faster and a whole lot easier. You will also enjoy the fact that all the tools on this site are very easy to use. This does add in an interesting note of professionalism and you get to have the best insight into all your competition regardless of the situation.

I also liked the fact that you can monitor multiple Google sites to see how each one reacts to your content. Of course, the tools that you can use in order to understand and track competitors are by far the best ones out there.

I also liked the fact that they are very accurate and designed to provide a very good value. The attention to detail is great here and each one of these tools performed seamlessly during our tests. It does show that you get a lot of great value for what you pay and that does factor in very well if you think about the entire experience. What you will like a lot about SEERPSTAT, however, is the way it seamlessly manages to combine everything into one cohesive package. It does a very good job with that and it makes the entire experience very rewarding and exciting, to begin with.

From search to advertising analysis and keyword research, all the tools you find here offer actionable information that deliver a very good set of results. The interface is easy to work with, you have no problem exploring the interface and getting accurate information, which in the end does work very well for the tool as a whole.

Should you use SEERPSTAT?

While there are many tools that offer you website analytics, I found that SEERPSTAT is by far one of the best. Aside from offering a lot of data to go through, it also delivers charts and it makes the entire experience very simple and seamless. It’s really easy to use, it provides you with a great insight into your website and your competition and it’s also a great service, to begin with. If you are looking for accurate, professional information delivered via a very good interface and which can impact your SEO, marketing, and others, then this is the right tool for you. Consider checking it out, it will save a lot of time!

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