WordPress themes are powerful tools for WordPress development. If selected suitably, they perform impressively on websites of all kinds. Do you know what could make WordPress themes more powerful? Plugins!

Plugins add interesting features to your WordPress theme making them more effective. Depending on the required functionality, plugins can transform your website from basic to impressive. Their functions can be from extending functionality to adding new features. There are several plugins that can be used with WordPress themes like for Ecommerce development, SEO, Forms, marketing, social media and much more. WordPress plugins are powerful tools used to enhance website functionality and take the website to new levels adding new features and tools to enhance user experience. Selecting a plugin depends on the required function. There are over 50,000 plugins on the WordPress site. Some of these plugins are good, some are not so good. How do you access the right plugin that rightly suits the required functionality your website needs? If your WordPress theme does not require plugins, it is not necessary to upload one. If you feel it does send do not know how to arrive at a suitable one? Keep reading. This article provides 5 vital things to consider before installing WordPress plugins.

1.Security check

Plugins like themes can contain malicious code.

Although WordPress analyzes and reviews plugins on their site, similar plugins on external sites may not be checked for malicious code. It is recommended that you access plugins strictly from the WordPress site in order to guarantee safety. Websites dealing with sabotage from different angles adding a porous plugin will provide access to unauthorized users. Check for reviews and ratings on plugins before selecting the suitable one. Plugins with complications may be reported by people, and good plugins will definitely have high ratings.

2. Too much to pick from

There are more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins to select from, this makes the selection challenging. However, if you know what function you require the plugin to perform, it could make the search a little easier. There may still be a considerable number of plugins to select from which perform the same function; this is due to the difference in developers. To select a suitable one from a list performing the same function; check for plugins with high ratings and great reviews. This means others have tried and the plugins function as expected. Try to avoid poor performing plugins, from ratings and reviews because most times it is an indicator of problems discovered from the use of the plugin.

3. Plugins Can increase speed

Pages loading slowly on a website can be pretty much annoying. This could frustrate website visitors causing them to leave. Slow loading pages may be caused by poor coding or heavy media sizes. There are plugins that analyses and present s reports about the causes of slow loading pages. These plugins can help with optimizing the website by decreasing page load time. Speedy loading pages are appreciated by website visitors.

4.Test run

After finally picking a plugin, it is recommended you run a test locally before uploading to your website. This test gives you the opportunity to observe the plugin and how it interacts with your website. Does it look visually appealing? Does it perform its desired function? If you discover the plugin does not work for any reason(s), check the WordPress site for another that performs the same function. Never upload directly to your live site without carrying out a test.

5. Developer Credibility

Some developers have built a reputation based on plugins the uploaded. This can be measured from the number of downloads, ratings of the plugins, and reviews. Developers whose plugins perform as expected are rated and reviewed for credibility. These developers ensure their plugins are regularly maintained and they provide support for those who install them. You can also check for developers with good credibility in order to select plugins created by them. You can ensure the plugins will perform as expected because all plugins by the developer have proven to be functional and free from malicious code.




WordPress plugins are powerful towards enhancing your website’s functionality and performance. With plugins like SEO can improve your website’s SEO friendliness by improving traffic and ranking. Selecting a suitable plugin should be based on the required function. It is highly recommended that you ensure that the plugin is compatible with your theme. To avoid compatibility and update issues; ensure that the plugin is also the right update as some of the plugins may have been developed a long time ago and update services are no longer provided. Remember selecting a plugin is like shopping online; developer credibility, ratings, and reviews are very important factors to consider before selecting a suitable one. The selected may be said to be suitable only after the plugin passes the test run stage.


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