4 Great Ideas for Optimizing Your Email Campaigns

Planning an email marketing campaign can be the most effective way for you to acquire new customers. The email recipients are already interested in you, since they willingly provided their email address to you.

These customers want to know more. Take advantage of these heightened consumer leads by creating a quality email campaign that won’t disappoint.

Establish Goals You Can Measure

Decide what you want to accomplish with your campaign. Some things to consider are whether you want to provide updated news about your products and services, offer new features for existing services, or entice new clients further into your sales funnel.


Don’t try to do be all things to all people. Pick one, or at most two, goals to achieve. Doing so will dictate the proper content for your email and keep it clear and concise.


Once you decide on your goal, determine how you will measure success. Email analytics programs offer a variety of metrics that you can review.


Meanwhile, inbox rates will indicate successful delivery. You can use an email verifier to ensure your addresses are valid, which can give you the most accurate sense of these numbers.


Bounce rates will give you an idea of the quality of your list, and response rates will track click-through responses. Whatever measurement you choose, select the one that is the most relevant to measuring your goal.

Craft Intriguing Subject Lines

It may be a common piece of advice, but strong subject lines are critical to getting people to open emails. Nearly half of all daily email gets marked as spam. By crafting a subject header that clearly recognizes its audience, you can increase open rates substantially.


Many email platforms also display the first line or two of the email before the email is opened. Take advantage of that feature by front-loading key information to further prompt a reader to open the email.


Make sure that your subject line accurately reflects the content of the email. Using clickbait-type content in your subject line and then providing off-topic content in the body of the email can undermine trust from your user base. Once that happens, you will have difficulty achieving conversions or, worse, trying to get back users that unsubscribe.

Keep It Simple

Shorter emails garner far better response rates than longer ones. Readers usually scan emails and do not spend time reviewing lengthy content. Use a call-to-action to save the details and provide customers with more information.


You should also keep in mind the reading level of your content. The Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease test is a popular measurement for this. Surprisingly, the best response tends to be for content that’s written at an eighth-grade reading level.

Format Counts, Too

Today, almost 80% of people read email on mobile devices rather than laptop and desktops. With that in mind, design your layout to optimize for mobile. Use readable fonts and prominent headings that allow for easy scrolling. Include your call-to-action links and buttons early in the email and make them visible.


Keep in mind the technical aspects for mobile devices as well. Reduce loading times by minimizing the number and size of images. Alternatively, you can find an image resizer; many are free online, and they can reduce the file size without a reduction in image quality.

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