11 must-have opencart plugins

OpenCart is a brilliant eCommerce platform, which is being used by various businesses around the globe. Let’s look at 11 important opencart plugins offered by OpenCart:

1.Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat:  an amazing OpenCart extension that enables you to include a live chat bubble in your store, offering your clients the ability to reach you directly with their concerns or queries. Zopim Live Chat provides you with the ability to have a personalized connection with your potential clients and customers. Not only this, but it can even help you transform potential leads into successful sales by getting in touch with your customers before they leave your site.

2.OpenCart SEO Pack

OpenCart SEO Pack: The e-commerce world is booming and the competition is growing every minute across the globe. An online store with a fancy layout is not enough to meet the competition. You need to take further measures to enhance your chances of success and to see sales growth. One of the greatest achievements of all times for your online presence, is to be found and located by various search engines that rule the internet. This OpenCart extension will help your online store pop up effectively when the searches are conducted. This is done by optimizing various aspects of your store, including the website’s URL, keywords, and products for example. The success of your website depends largely on the number of people who are able to locate, access and avail themselves of your services effectively.


CashU: Enabling the CashU payment option in your website is an ideal way to simplify integrated payment solutions. Your customers will be redirected to a getaway site through a checkout button, following which customers can make easy payments by entering their details securely. Once the transaction has been processed, the page will direct the customer back to the site to complete the placed order.

4.CCBill Payment 

CCBill Payment: The CCBill payment plugin comes in very handy as it enables you to use it as a payment method in your OpenCart store. Installation is very simple and can be done in a jiffy. The comprehensive and in-depth guide provided along with it, clearly explains the entire process for setting up the module. For any related queries or problems, reliable CCBill contact information is provided.

5.Smart Watermark 

Smart Watermark: This is a highly recommended plugin that simplifies all your editing procedures. It saves you the trouble of having to edit and add a watermark to each image. It facilitates, as a default function, the generation of your chosen watermark image for the specified products. This feature saves HUGE amounts of time and effort.

6.Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect: One of the best methods to gain traffic and customers is to make everything easily accessible to your site visitors. Some people might not want to make the effort to create a new account with your website. To simplify this process, enable the option of facebook connects. This extension allows the users to register, login and utilise other features using their facebook accounts.

7.OpenCart Export to Excel 

OpenCart Export to Excel: This is a highly useful extension option that processes the export of all your OpenCart data in the format of Excel files. It’s also useful for managing and reporting sales and related matters in a very systematic, convenient, and effective manner. And it offers the freedom to choose data column and lists before initiating the process of exporting. Some of the exportable data includes product, manufacturers, categories and orders, amongst others.

8.Cloud Zoom

Cloud Zoom: Before making any suitable purchase from an online store, most customers prefer to closely view their chosen product from all sides. The zoom-in feature comes in very handy and enables the customers to view more details of  your product. It will allow your customers to have a better and closer look at your products by simply moving the cursor over the product. The product gets zoomed-in for a better view and this in turn  enables customers to make better decisions, ensures customer satisfaction – and of course enhances your sales!

9.Visitor Counter

Visitor Counter: one of the best ways to determine the success of your site is by measuring the number of visitors you receive each day. This unique extension allows you to track down the count of visits and it’salso displayed for everyone to see. It is a sure way to enhance your site, increase sales and it also helps to gain the trust of your customers. If your customer feels hesitant about purchasing a product, their doubts should instantly disappear  when they see the increasing count of visitors per day. It is recommended as a great tool for increasing trust and traffic.

10.Facebook Ecommerce Browser  

Facebook Ecommerce Browser: The trick lies in simplifying things for yourself and for others as well. Social networking is a great way to gain customers, market your online store and also to build a good customer base. When the list of chores become endless, you can often slip and forget to update when required.  Updating your facebook page regularly takes time, effort and consistency which may not always be possible. To make things easier, this option of facebook e-commerce browser keeps all your customers or followers regularly updated on all that is new on your site. It enables you to advertise and automatically update your list of products from the site to your facebook page without the need for creating or maintaining a separate product list.

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These are our current  11 crucial opencart plugins – if you want to suggest other plugins, please leave a comment and we’ll happily review the plugins and possibly add to our list.



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